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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Walking with the light: Using Photography to find your conversation with a higher power.

Mother and Daughter Healing Circle

This workshop is a collaboration between Linalynn Schmelzer, MA, Expressive Dance Therapy and Roslyn N. Carrier-Brault, Photographer.

Workshop Title: Sacred Circle
Leader: Linalynn Schmelzer, M.S.
Phone: 860-304-8459
Address: 35 Bridge St. Deep River CT 06417
Affiliation/Employment: American Dance Therapy Association
Population: Children, adults, and seniors
Degree/License/Current Potion: M.S., B.F.A., R-DMT, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, Dance Educator, and Choreographer

Co-Leader: Roslyn N. Carrier-Brault
Phone: 860-573-3035
Web site: and
Address: 50 Sears Street, Middletown, CT 06457-4336
Affiliation/Employment: Wesleyan University and Green Street Arts Center; Artist Circle of Middlesex County and Braulttree Studios.
Population: Children and adults of all ages.
Degree/License/Current Potion: AA, Photography, Reiki Master IV, and Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist.

Workshop description for advertisement:
Come deepen the bonds of trust, love and respect in an inspiring mother daughter workshop.
Start a discussion on what it means to be a woman through dance, art and conversation. Spend an afternoon learning the wisdom in you and share it with your daughter.

Power for CD player, paper, fabric, markers, paint (referenced below is a details listing for materials and art supplies).

Room Set:
A warm clean open space with one table for supplies

Date: TBA a weekend around mother’s day (May 9th)
What: Dance/Art and Conversation for Mothers and Daughters (age ten plus)
Time: Four and half Hours, 11-2:30 pm (brown bag lunch); half hours for lunch break.
Workshop Title: Sacred Circle

Through dance, art and conversation participants will be centered on the topics of womanhood. In a non-competitive environment mothers and daughters will be given creative activities that encourage them to explore their relationships. Throughout the workshop there will be times when one can work alone, in a duet or in group. It is our goal to create an environment of playful exploration where everyone is able to share their unique expression of womanhood and where participants are left feeling great respect for other’s perspectives.
This workshop will begin in a circle art project. Everyone will be asked to create art reprehensive of them. Following introductions will be activities focused on relaxation and body centering that will then transition into group guided expressive movement. Participants will be asked to integrate their movement experience in an art collage project. Then the whole group will discuss their art and movement experiences. This discussion will give participants a chance to feel united as mothers and daughters and to appreciate their similarities and differences.

Next mothers and daughters will pair up and begin to move together at their level of comfort. Participants will then be asked to create a dance on a word, movement or theme that feels important for them and to cut a fabric shape that represents that. Then, all couples will share their creation in an informal performance for each other and then the entire group will perform together. Roslyn Brault, Photographer will photograph these dances.
With all participants relaxing and cool down, mother and daughters will be asked to sew their fabric shapes together as a simple of their loving bonds. In conclusion this workshop, participants will be given an opportunity explore dance, art conversation that will give them a chance to reconnect and integrate their experience of womanhood.

Three Objectives for “Sacred Circle” workshop:

1. To give participants opportunity to connect to their bodies and reflect in a community on their inner wisdom and strength.

2. Through guided activities in dance, art and conversation participants will be able to share various perspectives on being a women, mother and daughter.

3. This workshop offers the participants an experience that will deepen their understanding, trust, love and respect for each other. Participants will leave with a piece of art to represent this experience and they will be invited to take them home.

Suggestion for participants to bring:
Yoga mats or thick blankets
Bag lunch
Wear comfortable clothing

Materials and Supplies: Sacred Circle Workshop
Paper in a circle art project
Drawing paper
Art Collage-Integration
Poster board
Glue Sticks
Glitter glue
Poster paint
Paint brushes

Sew Fabric Together-Center relax to music
A variety of cotton squares
Colored felt squares
Embroidery thread
Embroidery needles
Colored yarns
Assorted buttons
Fabric glue
Fabric paint
Paint brushes